The 7 Tough Job Interview Questions That Can Make or Break You - and How to Answer Them

Some interview questions are asked so frequently that they've become classics. Practically every interview you go on you'll be answering one or more of these seven interview questions.

Why are these the most frequently asked interview questions? Probably because they give the employer a good idea of who you are and if you're the best fit for their company.

** Tell Me About Yourself

This is an obvious open-ended questions where the interviewer is inviting you to give some background on yourself. But wait. Should you start revealing personal information about yourself? No. This isn't a beauty contest or game show.

How to Answer: This is not a question you should try to wing off the top of your head. You need to write down a careful answer to this question and practice saying it out loud again and again.

** Prepare a Script

List five strengths that are directly related to this job and incorporate them into a "Tell Me About Yourself" mini script. You want to keep the focus on your past job experience and what you personally bring to your position(s):


"I have been in the ________ industry/business for the past ______ years."

"My most recent experience has been ______."

"One reason I enjoy this business is _____."

"In my last job I ________."

"My real strength is my ________."

"What I'm looking for now is _______."

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