A Concept That Could Double Youre Income in Mystery Shopping

Do you want to double, or increase significantly you're income in mystery shopping? If yes, I'll be sharing to you an age old concept. Now you might have learned this already or you may consider this common sense. But is a concept that's worth drilling on for more knowledge or for the sake of repetition, mind you "Repetition is the mother of all skills".

The concept I'm talking about is Time Management. From our early years we always hear the saying "Time is Money". And it's still true today, it might as well be etched in stone coz' from where I stand It has no sign of becoming obsolete.

So what does it have to do with Mystery Shopping? Simple, by applying simple calculations that integrate time as one of its factors. You can maximize you're income significantly. I want you to factor in the time element everytime that you accept assignments and not to look strictly at the amount of pay it offers. By applying this formula, I can guarantee you that you can significantly increase you're income if you're not implementing it yet. So let's apply some real life examples.

To make things simpler lets set an 8 hour deadline. If you're protesting that you can work longer, you can and I applaud you for doing it, but there's always a deadline, like the 24 hour deadline in any given day. As I said were just making things simpler.

If you're accepting 3 assignments that pays each 40$, but it takes you 8 hours to complete because of some time slowing factor. Like the time to travel from an assignment to an assignment or you might bump in into heavy traffic. In reality you're just being paid 15$ an hour (40x3 then divided by 8).

Now on the other hand if you have 6 assignments that pays 30$ each, but because the assignment are in the same mall or just a short distance from each other. Factoring the 8 hour deadline it then it reveals that you're being paid 22.5$ an hour (30x6 then divided by 8). Significantly higher.

Now, I understand that not all you're assignment will be paying a fixed number, but the important thing that you total you're expected pay then divide it by the hours to complete it.

So the next time that you accept an assignment. I suggest that you always calculate beforehand the total pay and the time required to complete it. Doing this will give you a clearer view of how you're spending time. Simple concept but powerful.

There's also more tips in my mini ebook and it can be you're for free. Look at the bottom for more info.

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