The Group Interview

Sometimes, when going on job interviews, you might end up in a situation where you are in a group interview. A group interview is where you are being interviewed along with several other candidates for the job. Some professions that might conduct group interviews are sales, education and flight attendants.

The purpose of the group interview is to observe candidates' interpersonal skills and personality traits. After the group interview, the number of candidates is lowered and usually one-on-one interviews are set up.

Potential employers want to see how you interact with other people. This gives them an idea of how you will deal with managers, co-workers and customers. They also want to find out how well you work in a group. Sometimes, the group is asked to work together in order to solve a hypothetical problem. While the group is working, the employer is noticing several things:

  • Do you have a positive attitude?
  • Do you encourage participation from other group members?
  • Do you demonstrate leadership abilities when working in a group?
  • Are you able to help the group focus and work together?
  • What's being said during the group interview is not nearly important. Your personal traits and interpersonal skills are most important to the employer. If you are positive, show leadership skills and work well with a group, the employer feels that you will exhibit those same qualities on the job.

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