Make a Good Living Doing What You Love

Don't let anyone talk you into going to college when all you really want to do is be a chef or tear apart a car engine.

Some times our society pushes the wrong thing on us. You have to say no way! If you really want to learn a trade instead of college, just do it.

Many people make a great living working with their hands in some kind of trade. Are you a good problem solver? Then maybe being an automotive tech or electrician would work for you.

Or you are creative and really know how to put color and form together into something beautiful. Try design or graphic arts or drafting or even landscaping.

Getting trained in a trade will give you confidence and allow you to find a great job. Employers want trained people. Give them what they want and you'll get want you want. Having a skill set is like having money in your wallet, you can lose!

So many people are stuck in boring jobs because they didn't take the time to find out what is out there. They just fell into some job and all of a sudden that's their career. You're going to spend at least one third of your life working. You need to take time and consider what you want to do.

Do some research and see if there is a perfect career fit for you. Don't you want to go through life loving your occupation instead of dreading the job?

Dots McLeod is webmaster for a resource guide to trade schools and job training.

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