8 ?Thurvival Skills? for 05

Just what is a "thurvival skill?" It's a skill that let's you thrive and survive at the same time. In today's economy it's not enough to just be good. You need to be better than your counterparts and colleagues. It's all about creating an action plan to keep you name in the limelight and on the top of the list. What list am I talking about? The one that says call X, hire X or X is the best person for the job. Or event he list that reads we can get rid of everyone but X. Is this person you? It could be.

It takes a particular skill set.

1. Flexibility-You need to go with the flow. There are things you can't change so be prepared to accept the consequences and move on. Be adaptable no matter what the circumstances and don't let adversity get you off your game plan.

2. Accessibility - Opportunities happen in a flash. You need to be where people can reach you: cell, phone, fax, and email, whatever. Let you number two person know how to reach you in case that once in a lifetime opportunity presents itself. If people need you, respond that day if at all possible. If you don't, someone else will and you will have lost your edge.

3. Visibility - Who are you? Can people find you? Do an ego search on GOOGLE. Type in your name and see what shows up. At the very least, you should see some basic listing about yourself. So you want to improve the odds of your being found? Get a personal website and use your name as the domain.

4. Credibility - Are you an expert at something? If not, why not? It's easy to become one and then use need to use that expert status to your advantage. The more credentials you have in your CV, the more power it wields when you seek out opportunities.

5. Connectivity - Who can you call when you need help? Remember it's a quid-pro-quo world so just don't start calling people when you are in a bind. They probably won't call back if you already haven't established a relationship.

6. Your Me-factor - You simply have to think about yourself. Yea, I know the cheers for the team and all that stuff. Well, the cold hard truth is that the team isn't going to cut it when your you-know-what is on the line. You need to look out for numero uno. Allocate time for personal enhancement and enrichment every day. Don't get caught up in the party line that you are too busy to manage your own career.

7. Technologically savvy ? Big deal. Do you know how to use email? Do you know how to use it to your advantage? Do you use it to keep in contact, solidify a relationship, alert someone as to how and where you can be reached or get new business? Your technology skills will make you or break you in coming years so spend a little time developing this particular knowledge base.

8. Investment programs-Not your 401K or IRA investments, but investments in you as a person. What's going to affect your bottom line? Have you kept up with current industry technology? Do you know what skill sets are in demand for today's top employers? Keep that knowledge base at the cutting edge and you will have leverage over your competition.

If you hone these skills, you are on your way to successfully negotiating the balance of the year both employed and enjoying your job. Invest in yourself as part of your personal portfolio. Make 2005 the year of you where you can both thrive and survive.

JoAnn Hines' specialty is PACKAGING PEOPLE.

Whether you want to be paid more, you just lost your job, or you want to progress in the one you have, Ms. Hines advice and expertise can help you transform your personal brand. She can show you how to package yourself and make your brand a hot commodity. It's easy once you know the ropes and begin to utilize her insider's secrets. She shows you step by step how to increase your visibility, credibility and marketability with easy to use tutorials and templates.

It is time to get started "Packaging Yourself."

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