An Unexpected Career Direction

My starting point was how to draw on 25 years of experience in which I have helped thousands of people to their own career success, and make this knowledge freely available to anyone and everyone who could use it. I believe that if people are given the right information and helped to reach their own conclusions; they can make an outstanding success of their careers. I wasn't planning on writing much about business start-up or self-employment yet as I got busy with this project something happened.

I set out to write down all this information about changing careers that I have amassed from personal experience over the years working directly with individuals and groups. I felt sure that I knew the best way to make it accessible to those who would want it, was to use the internet. Only trouble was, I was a paper-and-pencil sort of person. I had no experience of the internet other than "surfing" and finding information (usually about holidays or household goods).

Yet if you visit my web site, everything you will see I have produced from scratch on a new web-site; every page, every headline, every link and form - entirely on my own.

Well no perhaps not quite on my own, I found the all the tools I needed to do it with, all in one place, and it's been fun, challenging and exciting pulling it together and watching it grow. All without any specialist web skills.

Fun, challenging and exciting! Sounds like everything you might want from a new career - doesn't it?

This got me thinking: here is a new branch of my own career that I'd never thought of before. I'll still carry on coaching and consulting with people, but here is a new way of bringing that information to many more people. It also gives me the opportunity to work almost when and where I like - a personal ambition of mine.

If you have similar ambitions or you've been thinking "how could I set up my own small business" or "I'd like to work from home" but you're naturally concerned about what you might be letting yourself in for; you must examine the opportunities very carefully.

It only takes one look at the internet to see that this area is fraught with "get-rich-quick" schemes, so evaluate everything very carefully. Anything that offers you great rewards for little or no work is a fraud, simple as that (think about it -- why would they need you?).

But if you have an the ambition and drive like me to build a real business, even an extension of an existing business that is based on your personal knowledge and which is valuable to other people, then no matter what kind of business it is, it will require hard work. That's the bad news.

The good news is that if you are prepared to put the effort into building something real, the tools that I have used easily makes working at home a strong, realistic option. These tools remove all the technical barriers. You still have to have the motivation to build your own business. But I've found out this means that's all you have to focus upon.

If you are interested, you may be about to make the most important decision of your business life. So you will be looking for proof. This company does provide the goods, and proved it to me, so please take time to compare the quantity and quality of proof of success with any competitor under consideration...

So what happened was that although I wasn't planning on writing much about business start-up or self-employment it became clear that I was becoming a blue-print for just that style of working through doing what I was doing. And enjoying!

With over 25 years running businesses as a Career Coach, Consultant and Author Peter Fisher is well placed to guide job seekers through the steps needed in order to achieve that all important new role.

He has personally coached thousands of individuals to career success.

His writing draws on years of experience with all the essential facts and actions you must complete in order to achieve your own success is outstanding. He is very clear that you shouldn't be misled into thinking of "acing interviews" or "finessing" your way into a business; the most sustainable and fulfilling roles are gained through understanding your own specific needs and creating your strategy accordingly. For specific guidance on how I've used my own knowledge to build a business go to

You can learn more about his dynamic and comprehensive approach to career change, with every page dedicated to helping serious career changers if you go to

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