Do You Have a Hotsy-Totsy Resume?

I begin this article with a bit of slang description. What do I mean by a "hotsy totsy" resume? I mean one that does the following for you, the job seeker and a possible employer.

1. It has a concise job objective, based on what the employer wants. Follow the employer's lead.

2. It describes what you, the job seeker, can do for that employer. No long-winded explanation of how wonderful you are. The employer is WONDERFUL!

3. Educational experiences, which can get the job done. Just the facts ma'am.

4. A brief paragraph of how your skills match the job. Short descriptions of skills. Very upbeat.

5. Say you want an interview. Do you?

6. No mention of references. References come during or after an interview. Do you need to trot out your pedigree now?

7. Make sure your information is available. Address; phone, email, etc. Check the resume twice more.

A "hotsy-totsy" resume is inviting, clear and keeps the employer, ALWAYS, in mind.

Being brash, self-confident and assertive is what most employers want. They just don't say it. Milquetoasts are for the backroom.

You want to be in the "front room" don't you? Then, get big, bad and brash with a hotsy-totsy resume.

Not overpowering, just brash and beautiful!

Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A.
Certified Career & Job Transition Coach
Phone: (509) 469-3514

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