Fuzzy Headed Job Goals Lead to a Fuzzy Headed Life!

May I clarify in this article what I believe to be "fuzzy headed" life and job decisions. I believe both are entwined: life and job.

"Fuzzy Headedness" is a result of not HAVING and ACTING on life goals. It's easy to fall into the trap of not making real decisions for oneself. Others can make them for us. We can drift and go to the job and life that just happens. I think we all know people that have lived like this for a long time!

It is all right to let some things in life just happen. That puts some glitter and fun into a life that is worth living.

However, if fuzzy thinking and acting is a pattern in one's life, then TOO MUCH JUST HAPPENING makes a life that is out of focus. Focus keeps all lives from unraveling. It is essential for a job seeker to have a great goal and FOCUS.

Focus, plans, goals, action steps can keep us all out of the fuzzy headed, fuzzy ball of thinking, which curls up on itself, yes, just like a ball of thread! Now who wants to live a life that is like a ball of thread? No one that I know of.

In order to not be fooled and trapped into lots of fuzziness thinking and acting out, it helps to have a plan. Plans which are carried out and acted upon can give a job seeker more than a fuzzy ball.

Job seekers need to be as deliberate as possible and looking for at least three job targets, in order to not succumb to the "unraveling" effects of fuzziness thinking.

Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A.
Certified Job & Career Transition Coach
Phone: (509) 469-3514
Email: doitnow@nwinfo.net
Web: http://www.doitnowcareers.info

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