Writing Resumes That Attract Your Perfect Job

Let me introduce you to Ben. He made it happen

Ben was a comptroller. He liked what he did and wanted to find a similar job after his position was eliminated during a re-organization. He brought to our initial meeting a resume that outlined his employment history and education. There was no professional summary and nothing that identified how his market value differed from all the other bean-counters out there with similar experience.

I sent him home with an assignment to create a professional summary. This is what he wrote:

I am an Accountant/Comptroller with expertise directing all aspects of finance and accounting functions for manufacturing and distribution industries. Core competencies include data management, financial analysis, and direction of integrated services.

This was a huge improvement and a great start. But I knew we could do better.

As we talked more, I asked Ben probing questions to find out what he really liked to do. Then something interesting happened. Ben started talking about creating change and implementing process improvements that helped to increase the productivity and profitability of a company. As he spoke, his eyes lit up, and he got more animated and energized. Clearly this was what he really enjoyed most about his job. It was apparent he was extremely effective in this role.

Too bad no one would know that. Reading his resume and professional summary a potential employer wouldn't have a clue about Ben. He hadn't communicated his unique abilities and strengths. Ben hadn't "branded" himself within the marketplace.

We wrote a new professional summary to "sell the real deal." Let me introduce you to the authentic Ben:

Results-driven Sr. Financial Executive with proven success as an effective change agent in the development and advancement of both Fortune 500 and start-up companies. A hands-on team builder able to reach objectives through a combination of entrepreneurship and "outside of the box" thinking. Expertise spans all aspects of finance and accounting functions for manufacturing and distribution industries with the proven ability to consistently impact improved productivity and profitability.

Do you see the difference?

We now know the size companies and the industries Ben wants to work for. We understand more about his personality and the kind of culture/environment where he would be most effective. We also see that he is more interested in driving end results then reporting on end results.

Can you imagine how this type of statement would help to attract the opportunity he really wants?

In the first statement, Ben could have easily attracted jobs that would have stuck him behind a desk to crank out monthly reports and balance spreadsheets - something that would have left him unfulfilled, unchallenged and under-utilized.

In changing his statement, Ben positioned himself to attract the fast-paced, change-oriented culture he craved, and the type and level of responsibilities he desired.

Here's one other point of interest. By identifying himself as a Sr. Financial Executive, Ben is also sending a compensation message. Who do you think commands a higher salary - an accountant/comptroller or a Sr. Executive?

If you want to attract what you like and want, you have to put it out there. By incorporating information about your personality, level of experience, core competencies and interests, you can effectively advertise for what you want to attract the best fit in the four critical areas......

Jeannette Kraar, president of Performance Management International is the Breakthrough Career Coach and a highly-acclaimed trainer, speaker and consultant. Hundreds of PMI clients have succeeded even in the most turbulent times. Jeannette is the author of BREAKTHROUGH, The Hate My Job, Need A Life, Can't Get No Satisfaction SOLUTION. Learn more about the book at http://www.breakthroughcareersolutions.com. Email Jeannette at pmi@manageyoursuccess.com or visit her on-line at http://www.breakthroughcareersolutions.com

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