The Quickly Changing Landscape Of The Job Market

Does it seem that with every passing year it's getting harder and harder to find good paying jobs? If you think so, you're not alone in your thoughts. In fact, this is a common complaint that many people have and it is even worse for those that do not have a college education.

Jobs are not bountiful right now and even college graduates sometimes find themselves waiting tables for a year or two after they receive their diploma before they are able to find a job. So, with the work force becoming tougher and tougher to break into, what are you going to do about it? Give up or fight back? Well, the best way to ensure you will get hired at great jobs is to attend college. A degree is incredibly important, but it's not a guarantee for getting a job. Luckily, there are things you can do while in college to beef up your resume and make you stand out amongst all the other applicants.

First of all, learn a foreign language. Learn two if possible. If you don't know right now how important this is, you will understand once you're trying to enter the work force. Many jobs are requiring applicants to speak at least one other language and you won't want to be turned away because you don't. So, sign yourself up for Spanish, Italian or Arabic and become fluent if you want your resume to outshine the others.

Secondly, and I can't stress enough - apply for internships. If you want to be a writer, find a local magazine and intern there for a few hours every week. Not only will this provide you with invaluable hands on experience but it will also get your foot in the door when you're applying for writing jobs. If you're a marketing major, do an internship at a restaurant that is just opening or work at a local television station if you're major is broadcasting. Do an internship for as long as you can throughout your college years. Trust me, this will look fantastic on your resume and will automatically put you ahead of any other applicant that doesn't have the same experience.

Lastly, get involved in your community and college. You might think human resource people don't look at volunteer activities or hold student government activity with high regard but they usually do. Put any extra-curricular activities like this that you've done on your resume when you're looking for jobs. Employers like to know that applicants are well-rounded and volunteering makes you look like you're an outstanding member of the community and student government involvement demonstrates that you have potential to be a great leader.

If you follow these tips, getting good jobs will come much easier regardless of what the employment rate is when you graduate. So, don't get discouraged-just make a vow to become the best version of you possible and be confident in your abilities and skills. All prospective employers will be impressed with that and who knows - you just might get your dream position after all!

Eva Perkoski is enthusiastic about jobs and is the originator of Fore Jobs

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