The Interview - A Few Tips for Making a Great First Impression

Searching for employment is one of the most nerve-racking activities to engage in. As if the direct need for income is not stressful enough, the process of writing a résumé, networking in your industry, and applying for jobs can leave anyone shaking in their tracks. Once you have hit the pavement and made a few contacts the phone calls should start coming in. With a little effort, hopefully a phone call could lead to an interview; which happens to be one of the most horrifying portions of career building. With the completion of a good interview, a job offer is just a step away. Here are few tips of turning any interview into a memorable experience for the Employer (and just might help you land the job!):

  • The Hand Shake: Extend your hand for a professional handshake as soon as possible. Practice with others to ensure a firm and confident handshake.
  • Hello!: Introduce yourself as a colleague of the interviewer. Always use your first and last name in a clear voice.
  • Smile: It sounds simple, but it is often forgotten in the unique interview situation. Confidence in yourself gleams from a natural smile.
  • Make eye contact: Don't stare, but be sure to look at the interviewer directly in the eyes.
  • Chill out!: Don't be nervous. Interviewers are people too. They feel comfortable with people that are comfortable with them. Awkward situations don't often end up in hire.
  • Uhhh?: Refrain from saying "uhh." It can be difficult but over thinking your responses can make you appear unprepared, or unconfident.
  • With a little luck and practice, a great job is just an interview away. However, even the best salesman in the world might be unable to convince an Employer. There are hundreds of factors making up the hiring process. Qualifications, salary requirements, relocation expenses, and even chemistry can make or break a candidate's chances of employment without even addressing the success of the interview. For more tips on career building and job-hunting, check out Vision-Résumé.com.

    John Harbison is a contributing member for Vision-Résumé.com. For more information on job hunting check out the Career Center for some great resources.

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