It is Still Possible to be Upwardly Mobile in America!

Yes, it's still possible to be upwardly mobile in America: it's called a career in sales.

Sales jobs come in all shapes and sizes. From the lowest telemarketer to the global strategic accounts managers, sales is what makes a company successful.

Today, the need to find sustaining careers is a hot topic for everyone in the labor force. Yet, every business owner I know is constantly lamenting the lack of good, effective salespeople.

What makes people unwilling to go into sales? How can we show people that with a drive and determination to succeed, sales is the surest way to a comfortable lifestyle and beyond?

First, take the fear out of a sales job. Many people don't want sales because they are afraid that the first time they don't make quota they will be fired. Yet there are many companies that are willing to help you acheive your goals, as well as outside resources to help you learn.

People generally yearn for some sort of stability in their lives. Look at Maslow's Hierarchy of needs. The basics of food and shelter must be fulfilled before people can begin to be concerned with higher goals. Look for those companies that are willing to mentor. Sometimes, they may not have the biggest benefits or have the best pay, but they will give you experience.

Look at the opportunities that can be learning experiences. Will they allow you the chance to learn and grow? If a company does not have the higher pay scale, is there training and good work conditions? If necessary, are we willing to take a less than ideal situation in order to move up?

As potential employees, do we acknowledge that work is more than just showing up? Do we understand that we must be engaged fully ? use all our mental resources to succeed? Do we understand that it is important to give 110% to our jobs? Do we also understand that change is inevitable and that we must be willing to prepare in advance for it? Do we also understand that the life decisions we make can impact our employment prospects? Sitting in a classroom may not be a favorite activity. We may not understand its relevance to us ? but if that piece of paper we earn helps us to get a job with a better company ? we have an obligation to ourselves and our families to put up with it.

A fruitful sales career helps both employers and labor. A willingness to learn on the part of labor can lead to be better income for themselves and higher revenues for their company. A starting sales job does not need a college degree; many small companies are more interested in attitude and a willingness to learn. A person could get their fundamentals there, take classes in sales and ultimately move to a company with better opportunities. There are always great opportunities in sales. Often it's just a matter of going out and finding them.

Jo Ann Kirby is president of KRG Communications Group. She has 20 years experience in sales, telephone sales and sales management and an extensive background in training and development. Her background also includes extensive b2b telesales management experience. Jo Ann works with individuals and organizations to help them become more effective and reach their goals. More information regarding Jo Ann and KRG's services can be found at

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