Stand Out From the Crowd with Simple Marketing Methods

Although today's job market can be very competitive, many job seekers overlook simple techniques that will catch potential employers' attention. Apply these eight ideas to stay ahead of your competitors and get hired now!

1. BRAND YOURSELF. Target, Macy's, and Neiman Marcus are all retailers. But you can easily tell them apart because of their effective branding. Apply the concept of branding to your job search. How are you unique or different? What makes you a star?

2. CREATE SOLID MARKETING MATERIALS AND PACKAGE THEM WELL. Does your résumé present specific accomplishments, complete with results that demonstrate what you can do for a potential employer? If not, why not? Is it clean, neat, and easy to read? Do you have a personal business card? Does it convey quality?

3. WRITE POWERFUL COVER LETTERS that communicate your achievements, demonstrate you professionalism, and excite perspective employers. Use short sentences and short paragraphs. Keep them to one page!

4. HAVE YOUR 10-SECOND COMMERCIAL READY TO GO. Make it snappy and compelling! Use it to describe your skills or a recent accomplishment.

5. THINK ABOUT THE EMPLOYER'S NEEDS, NOT YOUR AGENDA. Never mind your agenda (getting a job), think about the employer's agenda (solving a problem). What problem are they trying to solve? Describe how you can help. Then follow up, follow up, follow up.

6. PREPARE YOUR TELEPHONE SCRIPTS. Write one to use when you get a live person on the line, a second when leaving your first voice mail message, and a third one for your follow-up voice mail message. Practice it in front of a mirror until you can deliver it naturally. Stand, smile, and speak into a mirror when delivering it.

7. EXPECT REJECTIONS AND OJBECTIONS. Handle them without getting flustered. "I can understand your concern about (their objection or concern), and because of my (skills, experience with, and so on) that has never been an issue."

8. LOOK FOR OPPORTUNITIES TO ADD TO YOUR SKILLS. Take a class, accept a volunteer assignment, or join a professional association. Learn, grow, and interact with the potential movers and shakers in your industry. Give them a preview of what you will deliver when they hire you.

Mary Jeanne Vincent is the author of Acing the Interview tip cards featuring answers to the top 20 "killer" interview questions. Also included are tips for interviewing in the new economy, ideas for responding to illegal and trick questions, and suggestions for avoiding 10 deadly interview mistakes.

Go to for free job search articles and to sign up for the free WorkWise e-zine. For information on individual job and career coaching or to find out about other practical, easy-to-use career tools call Mary Jeanne at 831.657.9151.

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