Big Job Sites Vs The Small Ones

There is much to say about posting resumes on the big job sites online. There are many positives and also negatives to doing this as well. Posting your resume is a way to get you exposure to recruiters and employers. There really isn't any specific criteria for posting your resume... Only get it out for everyone to see! The more you post, the more exposed your resume.

The big job sites are a good source to post as well as the small ones because no matter the difference you are getting your resume exposed to the general public and increase your chances of getting the ideal career or job you seek faster. More is better... Post everywhere to be seen by recruiters and employers.

The small job sites being small shouldn't hinder you from posting your resume there, many of these small obscure sites promote on a consistent basis thus your resume may be seen by recruiters more often than previously thought. You never really know who may eyeball your info so it's often very intelligent to just post your resume on as many jobsites as frequently and as much as possible. You just may be pleasantly surprised at the results you will obtain from mass posting.

Good Luck!

Anthony Tomei

Anthony Tomei is the CEO of Tomei Enterprises Corp and a successful Internet Marketer and Success Coach. He is the proud owner of several highly acclaimed websites including this accredited job site:

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