Is Job Loss Making You Sick?

Job loss affects most of us like any other loss in life. Yes, there are other losses that are greater, but this one comes close too!

From my experience, job loss can make anyone sick! There can be terrible anger; anger which turns into depression. Even euphoria, has its other side; depression is it.

Relief at getting out of a bad job should be enjoyed while it lasts. Relief and euphoria can prepare the job loser with a second wind!

It's at the time when anger, depression and frustration set in that the job "loser--soon to be job seeker" can hit some rough spots with displaced anger; sleeplessness, and a feeling of mild despair.

Again, from my point of view, this is the time of job loss to exercise at something. Exercising not as drudgery, but at something that is fun.

The most important thing to do is to get emotional support. Never mind whether it is from a friend, family member or an agency. Support is crucial in avoiding illnesses, which can surface even after getting a new job.

Talk, talk, talk it out. Write, write, write it out. This experience will not last forever.

When you look at the experience from another point of view, MAYBE this is a new time to think of WELLNESS; when you look for your next job.

Practice new skills before setting new goals, laugh a lot, and be good to yourself at last!

Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A. Certified Job & Career Transition Coach Phone: (509) 469-3514 Email: Web:

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