Students Discover Your Niche By Using Career Assessment

In our ever changing world where job competition is rampant it can be difficult to understand one's strengths and what one wants to do in life.

If you feel uncertain about your career path you're not alone. Most college and high school students are unsure what path to take in their future or even what is their chosen career niche. Unfortunately, this uncertainty comes through in job interviews. This is a chance you can't afford to take in today's competitive market.

With career assessment you not only learn your niche, but you reap the rewards! Consider these distinct advantages that come from knowing your niche.

? Save time and money
? Optimize your skills
? Target the right jobs

Did you know that college students often do not know where they are going? Amidst pressure from family members they embark on career paths that might be unsuitable for their skills. Some college students waste the first two years of college without a career path.

Instead of taking charge of their life, they go with the flow, and waste time and money on courses they will never use. Some students try to play catch-up and overload their course work. This could be hazardous to their health. When students are overburdened, they are more likely to drop out of college.

Career assessment reduces the risk and pressure for students by showing them their individual niches. When students know their niche, it's easy to choose a career path that's compatible with their strengths.

This type of vocational testing is also well suited for high school seniors, who are also at a critical time in their lives.

How many high school seniors know what their skills are before entering the workforce or enrolling in college? A simple, standardized test does not provide all the details, which make up an individual student's skills. These tests might show a glimpse of what a student knows in math, reading, language and arts, but they do not explore the true skills or potential for each individual.

A vocational and career assessment for high school students opens the doors to college by giving them a roadmap and guidance on how to move forward in their chosen careers. This will indeed save time and money while giving them the ammunition they need to go forward in life.

When you have a good plan in place and take charge of your destiny it's an excellent way to get started on the right track. This plan should include a career assessment to identify the specific skills of each individual and explain how these skills can be used most effectively.

Annmarie Edwards is a certified International Job & Career Development Coach. She works with individuals and businesses on career development. She is the author of 50 Ways to Maximize Your Potential and 50 Ways to Maximize Your Job Hunting. She has a BSC degree in education and also a MA degree. Presently she is a doctoral student at the University of Phoenix. For more information check out her website at or call her at (877) 645 -7670

Copyright 2005 by Annmarie Edwards. All rights reserved. Author gives permission for the use of this article as long as full credit is given.

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