Job Security Is Dead! Are You?

Job security is an out dated concept. The idea is nice: The longer an employee works for a particular company, the more valuable that person becomes to the company in question. But the reality of the current job market is a different story. Every day in the U.S., employees are forced into early retirement, laid off, or fired as a result of corporate down-sizing, mergers, and re organizational bankruptcy.

An employee was once valuable to the company because they graduated from college, got a degree, and/or had determination for hard labor. In the past, it was all right to become comfortable with your position. In today's society, being comfortable is the wrong thing to do and actually, it's a trap. This trap is the reason why people with college degrees are without jobs and the good workers are often the first ones released from a professional setting.

I am a Housekeeper for the Home at Hearthstone, a nursing home in Cincinnati, Ohio. I work from 7 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. for $8.40 per hour. The wages that I make alone, tells you that I am working at a dead-end job and receiving paychecks that don't reflect the quality of my performance.

I am an underemployed 19 year old-male who attends college and makes good grades. Graduating from college might raise my income level slightly, but it will not secure me a job.

I, like many other Americans, know that in order to maintain my employment, I must show up to work everyday on time, listen to my supervisor, and do a complete and thorough job. Unfortunately, I also know these three things combined cannot guarantee the security of my job.

Perhaps you can relate to my situation. If so, you may wonder what you can do to improve your future.

Here are three very simple things you can start doing right away.

Be thankful for the home-business industry! It is amazing in our changing times to have an industry dedicated to individuals and their desire to take control of their finances and become their own manager. It is a blessing to have access to such a powerful tool as the Internet. If it weren't for the home-based business industry, ordinary people would not stand a chance at moving beyond the unrewarding monotony of subordinate employment. This may sound simplistic, but just by being thankful for this industry and approaching it with open-minded enthusiasm, you will find your niche and maximize your potential.

Be relentless. To be relentless means to never give up on what you want to accomplish in life. Building your business online means work. There is no place for laziness in this business, and a negative attitude will crush you before you even get started. It's also important to avoid letting other people's skepticism slow you down. Not everyone is going to believe you can succeed with your net marketing ventures, and that's fine. Maybe your spouse or significant other gets frustrated with you because you spend so many late hours at your computer going the extra mile. Trust me, I can relate to this one. The bottom line is, if something is important to you, then you will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Establish Contacts. Establishing contacts is one thing you must do if you want to get your business on the radar! You can do that by joining online forums such as the Net Marketing Forum and Network Marketing Forums. Contacts are people you go to if you do not understand something and they will help you! Many times, we business owners suffer when we think that we can handle every aspect of our business by ourselves. When you establish your contacts, make sure these people share their experience with you and they are practicing what they are preaching! Experience is one of the best teachers and is more valuable than reading an electronic book on how to do something! Internet Experts like Dan Moses of Pageswirl and Jon Olson of Hit Exchange News provide their subscribers with their home phone number. That is great because you can call them at home if you have a question. It is better to hear someone's voice rather than communicating through an email.

Either you can work for someone else or you can work for yourself. The second choice is better than the first one, especially if you like to do things your way. When working for a corporate employer, you must follow job policy at all times. Conflict arises when your rules don't match policy rules and you're in jeopardy of losing your job quicker than you expected. If you can relate to this scenario, then a home-based business if for YOU. Of course, the decision to work for yourself leads to the biggest hurdle of all..... taking the initiative.

Paul Wilson is a second year college student and network marketer who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. To have a look at a home business opportunity that believes "The Greatest Music Is Money", visit Paul's website at Also, you may contact Paul at

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