Reading the Want Ads--Not for Jobs--For Information

What? Want ads are where job announcements are, not information!

Wait! Job want ads are full of information if you know what to do and how to use them.

Doubtful? Here are some ideas of the kinds of information you can find as a job seeker. They are:

1. Start by looking for the ads that are in the category of jobs you want to apply for. Cut and paste these job announcements on paper for later viewing.

2. Read the rest of the ads carefully to see if there are other jobs advertised from the same places that you have selected from your own selection. If there are any, that will give you an idea of what this company is doing. Maybe it is hiring for several categories. Example: They may be expanding and looking for employees for more than one type of job.

3. Look for patterns in the jobs that are advertised. If there are many in the health field, for example, then that tells you that health needs are not completely served in your community. (Yes, it may be that this is a national trend about health care, not enough health workers. This is an example of only one field).

4. The most promiment of these employers may be who you target for informational interviews if you notice they have advertised for several positions to be filled. Start your research here to get personal names of these employers. Easy research from your local library.

5. Yes, apply for the jobs on your sheet that you have identified. Look for patterns for at least two weeks to see if the employer continues to advertise for the same position/s. If so, either they have not found credible candidates or the job is not a good one. Check them out with informational interviewing anyway.

6. Continue on your "research project" in looking for patterns of employment possibilities for yourself. You might want to devise your own list of patterns to suit your own needs, not just these.

7. Lots of other people get paid to find these sources of employment. They are often called labor market researchers. Now you are one and can find your own job!

Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A.
Certified Job & Career Transition Coach
Phone: (509) 469-3514

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