Become A Personal Trainer

Every human body is different and a personal trainer will know exactly how to not just get a human body into proper shape but also shape the body into the desired form. A personal trainer knows that while guys may want to 'bulk up'; a girl might want to slim down. A good personal trainer will know what to do to get the desired look wanted by their client.

To get started, it really comes down to lessons from instructors about how different exercises affect the human body. The key to being a good personal trainer is not just knowledge of how the body works but continuing education on new ways to improve our bodies. When clients ask you about your background as a personal trainer, you should be able to tell them that your education is ongoing, that you continue to take classes yourself on exercise and health and nutrition.

Once you feel comfortable with your knowledge about a personal trainer, your next step is to start doing what personal trainers do, hang out at the gyms. Sometimes the best way to get clients is to not only participate in the gym's daily activates, but to observe other clients and how they are doing. If you see someone struggling with some of the equipment, ask him or her if they would like some help. A helping hand is a great way to open a conversation and promote your business.

To command attention from a crowd of people concerned about their health, you could also offer free classes at the gym or at the local YMCA. Keep these classes short, about twenty minutes, of light and easy exercises but don't make them feel like they have done nothing all class either. Everyone could benefit from a little aerobic exercise. While they are learning, teach them about proper form, breathing techniques and brag about the results you have had with other clients. It draws attention and desire from people looking to get the same results you can produce.

When you have a few clients under wing, the next step might be to specialize. You can narrow your market and make it easier. It also gives you an opportunity to work with the people you want to work with. Maybe you prefer to work with new mothers, or elderly people. Perhaps you'd like to work with kids, all this could be narrowed down and specialized.

Remember, you can only stretch yourself so thin, so think about the number of clients you can reasonably handle, and still take time off your self. It's okay to say no to new clients but get their number in case you get an opening or invite them to a trainer buddy who will give you a commission for referrals.

Getting fit with a personal trainer should be fun as well as educational, on both ends. Remember to have fun and enjoy working with your clients and they will come back for more.

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