What to Ask During the Interview

Don't just sit there and bob your head, waiting to answer the next question - be prepared to ask your own questions and make the interviewer know that you care!

Ask Them About the Company

If you have researched the company, you should know something about their core business. Use the information that you have found to ask good questions about the company. Show your understanding of the company and your interest in learning more.

  • Ask questions or make an insightful comment about the direction the company is headed.
  • Ask about the future of the company, where it plans to go over the next 3-5 years.
  • Ask the interviewer about their experience with the company.
  • Ask about the corporate culture.
  • Ask what the interviewer likes best about the company and why.
  • Ask what some of the key challenges facing the company are.

Job Questions

Well-qualified job candidates want to know the details of the job they are applying for. They understand that they can get the job they want, not just what they are offered. Asking questions about your responsibilities and expectations will help you look like the well-qualified candidate that they want to hire. The interviewer will respect your candid and inquisitive approach.

  • Ask how long the position has been open and why it is open.
  • Ask what your day would entail in the position.
  • Ask what you can do to get ahead in your new position.
  • Ask what challenges are facing your department within the company.
  • Ask what information you should research to better prepare you for your new position. (i.e. trade publications, company literature, etc.)

John Williamson is a Career Development Specialist and spokesperson for Vision-Resume.com

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