We Rejected Your Résumé Today

Hi, I am Mr. Employer.

Even though you think I can see you and how wonderful it would be for you to come to work for our company. I can't. I am not surprised; I get hundreds of résumé's from people just like you who forget to paint a good picture of themselves for us. I am very surprised how many applicants assume that we, at this company, are mind readers and we have a crystal ball that allows us to see all the pertinent information you have left out.

Even more so I am surprised how people assume that their resume is going to stand out from the rest, when in reality its just like everyone else's. If I could give you some advice, when you're writing your résumé to Mr. Employer please take the time to tell us what makes you different from all the others who have applied.

If you're really looking to make a great impression search out a great résumé writer on Google or Yahoo but make sure you look at examples of their work first. These writers normally know exactly what is needed in a great résumé.

Things that you might think is irrelevant might be just what we want to see. A potential employer can see right away if you have really gone out of your way to put together a good résumé.

Remember an employer can not assume what he can not see, so be specific with the information you want to convey.

Another thing an employer will pick up on immediately is time gaps. These are time periods you might not have filled in anything. Whether you have gone unemployed or something else has happened, write it down. It is better to be upfront than have it seem like you are hiding something or that you are just not willing to take the time to do a thorough job.

Handwritten résumé's should be avoided. It is not as neat and clean as a typed one. Also it does not show a lot of effort.

Now, when you go to write your résumé keep some of these things in mind as you go to write it. If you want to make an extra good impression, do some research to see how some real good résumé's are written.

Be exact and don't leave out any details in your educational and work history. Make sure you add any extra experience you would be bringing with you to your new work place.

www.JobsCrow.com will be coming online very soon with links to great résumé writers and other resources to make you search for a new job more successful.

David Crowton is the Founder of http://www.CrowSites.com. Mr Crowton was disabled after a horrific automobile accident and is now working agressively to overcome, against all odds. Mr Crowton is the winner of the "Client of the Year Awared" for the entire rehabilitation services where he was a client. Thank you for supporting his comeback by reading this article. Please visit http://www.CrowSites.com or for more information go to http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=crowsites&btnG=Google+Search

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