How Much Can You Earn Working As A Proofreader?

Thinking of a career as a proofreader? Then you will most likely want to know about salaries. Are you hoping to hear that you will make thousands and thousands of dollars a month in this field? It is very possible that you will barely make a few hundred when you are first starting out. There is no guarantee of a paycheck in this field. If you do not provide quality work, you probably will not have many clients returning for repeat work. Proofreading as a career is hard, but when you get in the door, you may do fairly well. Proof reader salaries are not glamorous, but they can be fairly good.

To find out about salaries, you can look at any of the websites that offer postings for this line of work. It can be said that proofreader salaries are among the best in the writing field, but they are not going to make anyone a millionaire. In fact, the only way to know for sure what you will make is to get a job in the field. There are a couple things that can help you predict the level of qualifications that you have though.

First, proofreading salaries are based on qualifications. Have you been to school? Do you have a degree?

They are based on experience as well. Have you done any writing or editing in the past?

Freelance individuals may make slightly more than those who work for a company, but they also have to find their own work which can prove to be difficult.

Being an established proofreader can offer many rewards though, down the line. In this case, salaries are fairly good.

What also helps to make this career quite attractive is the wide range of interesting clients and work that can be found. The fact that many proofreaders and editors work from home can be an attractive feature. Many proofreaders see this as compensation for the limited salaries that they are able to command.

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