Job Interviews: Use the Personal Touch to Get a Job

A study conducted by the Journal of Consumer Research in 1995 showed that sales people who used their prospects' names generated a 239% increase in sales. In today's fast-paced world, that personal touch is even more important.

The simple act of using a name can have a dramatic impact on your own ultimate success in landing a new job!

During your next interview, focus on remembering the names of the interviewers. Find a reason to say their name at least three times during your conversation. Repeat their name at the end of the interview to make a lasting impression.

But don't stop at that. Make it a point to remember and use the names of the other people you meet -- the receptionist, the HR person, anyone you speak to during your visit. They'll remember YOU and maybe nudge the boss in your direction when it's time to make the hiring decision!

Here's a personal touch that you must plan ahead for. After the interview, go out to your car and take out the nice notepaper you've brought along for this purpose. Write your thank-you notes while the interview is fresh in your mind.

In our modern high-tech world, a handwritten note is becoming a scarce -- and appreciated -- commodity.

Place the note in an envelope and write the name of the interviewer on it (do separate notes and envelopes for each interviewer, if more than one). Go back inside and hand-deliver them to the receptionist... smile and use his/her name when asking that the notes be delivered.

Do you think any other candidate will do this? Heck no! (Not unless he/she reads this article!)

Have an instant advantage by using the personal touches of: (1) remembering and using names; and (2) handwriting and immediately delivering thoughtful thank-you notes!

Bonnie Lowe is author of the popular Job Interview Success System and free information-packed ezine, "Career-Life Times." Find those and other powerful career-building resources and tips at her website:

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