Applying for a Job in Another Country? International Resumes

Is an International Resume still a Resume? This is a very common question among those looking for work overseas for the first time. When you contact companies about applying for a job with them you will not often be asked for a resume, you will be asked to send along your CV. I remember the first time I was asked for my CV, I had no idea what they wanted and I couldn't seem to be able to find out, no one I knew, knew what at CV was either. Thank goodness there is the Internet now where information is easy to find! A CV is basically an international resume. CV (Curriculum Vitae) or international resume will differ from your regular run of the mill resume that you are used to writing. For example each country has different guidelines that they like to work within. Finding out these guidelines will take you much further in your international job hunt.

Before you start writing your international resume you will need to decide if moving overseas is really something that you want to do. This is a huge step and it can be quite intimidating. Make sure that you do a lot of research about the country you are thinking of moving to before you start writing and especially before you start sending around your international resume. This does not mean that you cannot put out some feelers to see what companies would be open to hiring someone from another country. You can send a letter of interest to as many companies as you would like and then wait to see who responds. But sending your international resume shows a commitment level that you need to be able to meet. If you have any doubts about your commitment to move overseas do not send out your international resume.

One of the confusing aspects while applying to a multinational company is what format to choose. It is an interesting topic which really depends on the company you are applying for. Typically one should use the format for where the post is and really where the HR person is. Typically the HR would be your contact person and they might be in a better position to let you know which other formats or details they may need on top of your resume. Folks in North America are not used to submitting their marital status, sex, or a photo. If you are seeking employment in an Asian country these are one of the main things they would expect in your resume. There are not many privacy laws and as part of their culture they expect more personal information than what is needed in a North America based company. Be prepared for that. Do you know that in many countries they don't care about cover letters for example some Asian countries? The European companies on the other hand may even demand a handwritten cover letter tailor made for a particular post and that too in a business like format.

Having good references are always helpful no matter which country you are trying to be employed at. But you need to be prepared for recommendation letters from your references which is more valuable in some parts of the world. In other parts you don't have to divulge unless you are asked to, but more so often people expect references as part of your resume and a failure to add one may end up in rejection without a second chance. This is where a good chat with the HR person about all data that is needed becomes more useful. No matter what country you go your technical skills and stand out and the keywords you employ in your resume may be the deciding factor.

To learn more about the how to write resumes and how to write resume cover letters you should visit this wonderful website This contains very good information on how to apply for specific positions and how to tailor your resume based on the industry you belong to. This article was coauthored in part by my friend TP.

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