The Recruiting Truth...Time Is Not On Your Side

In today's marketplace things are constantly changing and so are the needs of just about each and every organization. Whether your company is growing organically or inorganically, whether your company is growing domestically or internationally or for one reason or another you just have pain, your organization must be in a position to attract top talent and attract it quickly! But attracting it is only the first part of the equation. The bigger problem is what you do once you attract talent to your organization.

Stop for one second and think about what you have going on, how crazy your day is and what you think can be put off. More than likely you have multiple positions you are recruiting for. You may be using an outside agency to assist you or are doing it all in-house. In either case, all too often a good candidate is lost due to the time it takes to get them through the screening and interviewing process.

Think back and try to remember how long it took you to make your last hire and what it cost you to do so. Let's eliminate the process of getting the resume, which is a difficult and timely task in itself. Focus solely on the amount of time it took to do an initial screening of the candidate and you were in a position to make an offer. In a perfect world, the process should take no longer than 30 days...45 days max. Unfortunately, it is very rarely happening in 45 days anymore and you are paying for it in a lot of ways. The biggest hit... you end up losing an A+ candidate to a competitor. Why? Don't kid yourself into believing they are not interviewing elsewhere! In the recruiting business, TIME KILLS ALL DEALS!

Since I think we can all agree that time is not on our side, The SearchLogix Group has begun to offer what we call the "Escalating Fee Agreement". It was designed to reward organizations that keep the process moving once a resume has been received. Our partners are benefiting in a number of ways:

1. A focused and disciplined search process

2. A discounted fee

3. They get the most talented individual and avoid having to revert to the "2nd choice"

Call us today at 770-517-2660 to see how you can benefit from partnering with The SearchLogix Group.

The SearchLogix Group is a full-service executive search firm. Why not call us today ... 770-517-2660.

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Prior to joining The SearchLogix Group ( , Mike Magnotta ( held positions at several Tier 1 Companies. He has significant experience calling on Fortune 1000 organizations to determine needs and ultimately putting into place strategic and execution based transportation management solutions. Most recently, Mike was recruited by senior management at a leading document management company, to drive new outsourced business in the Atlanta, GA marketplace.

Mike has a true understanding of what it takes to be successful in both a product and service driven organization. Mike works to place top talent in the fields of:

* Supply Chain

* Transportation Management

* Sales and Sales Management

* ERP and CRM

* Wireless Telecommunications

You can contact Mike at or 770-517-2660.

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