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Should You Make A Career Decision Based Upon A Career Quiz?

Q. I'm about to graduate High School and I don't know what I want to be "when I grow up". Do you think that a career quiz might help me decide?

Out Recruit The Competition

We hear from our clients that they ?hope the candidate takes the job.? Hiring a candidate shouldn?t be a guessing game. After you interview a candidate thoroughly, and spend a great deal of time and money getting them through the process, you should not have to worry about ?landing them.?

Resume Writing - Importance of a Professional Summary

The Summary is the preview of your entire resume. This may be be the only part that an interviewer or employer might read for shortlisting your resume. This may be the only section an employer reads prior to the interview. Gear up the summary to be the show window where the goodies are lined up to entice the person into entering the shop. Include your professional characteristics like highly energetic, an ability to solve complex problems, a dynamic team player, exceptional interpersonal skills, committment to excellence etc. Describing your professioanl qualities with power words.

Resume Software ? The Hidden Pitfalls

Disadvantages of Resume Software

Are Your Intentions Clear in Your Job Search?

1. Do you REALLY know what you want?

What Makes Americans Hate Their Jobs? This Advice Turns That Epidemic Around

Here are the sobering facts: studies show that almost 70% of all employees dislike or downright hate their jobs. These dissatisfied, disillusioned people have no further career goals. Dreading the workday is a common heartache in millions of homes. Our job-hating crisis leads to lower productivity, adversely affects our economy, and -- worst of all -- causes strain on personal relationships.

Dissatisfied with Your Job? Take Your Power Back!

Apparently, there are all sorts of reasons to be dissatisfied with your job...

Q & A How to Find a Great Search Firm

Q & A

One Step at a Time in the Job Search

What is the first step to take in a job search?

Take Charge of Your Job Search: 12 Steps to Success

Despite what many people may say, a job search does not have to be an unpleasant experience. There are those people who choose to take charge of the process, who actually find the process to be very rewarding and stimulating. Conducting a job search is in many ways a self discovery process and an opportunity to put your true endurance and attitude skills to the test.

Tips for Handling On the Job Setbacks

If you?ve chosen a business career, you will inevitably experience some type of setback. And whether your pet project is canceled, your performance review is a bust, you get turned down for a promotion, or you're asked to leave the company, setbacks hurt big time. Nevertheless, if you start thinking of yourself as a victim or allow yourself to lapse into prolonged negativity, you won?t be hurting anyone except yourself. Worrying until you get sick, abusing drugs or denying that you?ve reached an impasse won?t help either. The best strategy for making a comeback is to recognize the reality of the situation, acknowledge your feelings and find a way to cope productively. Here are some other tips you might find helpful:

F-E-A-R in the Job Search!

Fear in starting a job search is a four letter word! Like any other four letter word, the word itself can create more fear, and some- times self-loathing!

Bullseye Interviewing

An interview is much like a blind date. You have sweaty palms, heart palpitations, shaky nerves and a preconceived notion of what could happen. The perfect scenario unfolds in your mind, where you are calm, cool and collected, dressed smartly, totally in control, enthusiastically meeting the other person?s gaze and brimming with confidence. However, that idea has begun to unravel, because as of right now, you are LATE, because you got lost, forgot your resume, wore a shirt that is making you sweat and have pulled a muscle breaking in new shoes. As you are being led to the boardroom, you're informed that your possible Superiors will be sitting in. Panic sets in with the realization that this blind date is over before it even begun.

Stepping Stone Jobs

What we name something matters.

Genes and Work Ethic

If you have good genes, you are blessed. If they are exceptional, you might be successful on that alone.

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