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What Did You Say?

My table-mates introduced themselves as the reciprocal protocol began. We chatted about what we did, where we did it and what we thought of the conference. Stan joined the table as the chicken was served. He'd been introduced to me earlier and we'd talked briefly during the pre-dinner social. Now he was peppering me with intriguing business questions. This was going to be a lively and interesting discussion, I thought.

Sample Resume Objectives: Read, Dont Copy

The resume objective statement is typically something that trips people up.

A Peek at Nursing as a Career

We need more people to choose nursing as a career. There is a national shortage, so the career choice would guarantee future employment fresh out of school.

When the Teacher Becomes the Student

A relationship expert once said that during an argument, there's usually three sides to every story: his side, her side, and of course, the truth.

CV Writing ? How to Write a CV

A winning CV has 2 objectives: To illustrate your strengths and maximise your chances of getting through to interview and to put factual information, such as dates, places, names together in a presentable and readable form. Focal Point It is claimed that the human eyes are naturally drawn to a focal point one third down from the top of the page. Therefore, put your most useful information in this area. It might be your Profile, Key Skills, Professional Qualifications or details of your most recent employment. You can choose whichever you think is most important and relevant to your application. Always get a second opinion when you have put your CV together. It is difficult to be objective about oneself. Presentation It is often thought that a CV should be fitted on to one side of A4. This can be difficult if you are a mature applicant with a long employment history. If you need to go on to a second page make sure that the CV is spread out over 2 whole pages, not one and a half pages as this looks messy. As a ?rule of thumb? there should be more white than black on a page to make it easier to read. Always write a rough draft first. It can be as long as you like as you will edit it later. Always start with your Career History as this will highlight your Key Skills and help you write your Profile. Once you have compiled your draft copy you must edit it. 1. Take out anything that will not help you get where you want to be. 2. Write in the ?third? person as much as possible keeping ?I? to a minimum 3. Never use the past tense e.g. use ?supporting senior management? rather than ?supported senior management?. 4. Use short sharp sentences cutting out any waffle and jargon. Headings Name Print your name in bold type at the centre top of your CV. If there is any doubt as to which is your surname, e.g. James Martin, indicate by using capitals or underlining. Address Top left of CV. Full address including post code. Telephone Top Right of CV. Full dialing code and daytime and evening numbers if possible. Date of birth Put in full such as 13th December 1962. Do not put your age. Bearing in mind that you will be close to the Focal Point now, this might need to go at the end of the CV under ?Personal? along with other details such as marital status and children. Marital status You do not have to include this at all. If you choose to, make sure you use only ?married? or ?single?. Do not use divorced or co-habiting. Put at the end of the CV under ?Personal?. Children Its up to you whether you include this information or not but if you include it put it at the end of the CV under ?Personal? Profile This is an introductory statement about who you are and what you have to offer. You should complete this last although it is positioned prominently in the CV, possibly in the Focal Point. It should be no more than two sentences and include the most important facts about yourself. You can include skills, achievements, responsibility or personal qualities. e.g. Highly motivated Account Manager with successful direct and telesales experience in hardware and software industries. Key Skills Several Key skills should be highlighted after you have analysed and edited your employment history. Pick out no more than six. Make sure they are relevant. Do not include dates. A key skill can come from an earlier job or an outside interest. If you are short on direct experience and qualifications you may have skills arising from your personality, i.e. Interpersonal skills, e.g. ?the ability to relate and communicate with others?. Some examples of descriptive words to use in key skills are: Administering Implementing Budgeting Leading Reorganising Forecasting Advising Employment History Always start with your most recent employment. Break down your job functions as much as possible. The job description on your contract might provide a starting point or, consider how your employer might advertise your job. You should have more to say about your most recent, and therefore most relevant, employment. Include successes and achievements especially if it saved the company money. don't have any employment gaps. If these occur explain them briefly. Qualifications If you are a mature applicant you can leave these out as career history is more important. Put the highest qualification first with year achieved. If you have a degree you can leave out the lower qualifications altogether or include the basic information. Do not include poor grades or failures. Professional qualifications Only include those that are still current. Training Only include training that is relevant to the position for which you are applying. Interests Only include interests that are unusual or which indicate transferable skills, achievements or responsibilities. Reasons For Applying This finishes the CV off with a concluding statement and puts the application into context. don't imply you are out to gain advantage to yourself such as ?I would like to join the company to gain additional experience?. Instead, concentrate on what you have to offer, ?my experience at??would be useful to the company because????.? Finally Your CV should be available soft copy or on good quality plain white A4 paper. Do not use double sides. Only fold once and enclose an SAE Copyright 2005

Six Sure-Fire Ways to Get Yourself a Pay Rise

Many employees do not care too much for their bosses or supervisors. It is an all too common trait. Most feel as though the boss knows nothing, has a superiority complex, is arrogant, is unapproachable, expects too much and pays too little. Are you nodding your head?

Ideal Job and Handling Criticism

How many times have you been asked, "What is your dream job?"

Talented People

I was asked last week for an article about employment, "What is your favorite 'employment phrase'?"

Writing A Resume That Gets You Noticed

As the old saying goes, ?you never get a second chance to make a first impression.? In today?s business world, of course, that first impression usually does not come from a face-to-face conversation, but from whatever you can tell your future boss about yourself on paper: your resume.

Working in Dubai

Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is one of the world?s fastest growing employment hotspots in the world. Up to 20 new companies establish themselves in the emirate?s free trade zones every week and since 2002 some 650 companies have registered in the Dubai Media City free trade zone alone.

Career Discovery - Pinpoint Your Ideal Career

Determine your ideal career--one that's in alignment with your values, passions, and talents--and discover the work you were born to do

How to Reach Outside Yourself to Advance Your Career

When flipping the channels of your TV, you are bound to come across a Public Service Announcement (PSA) endorsed by a celebrity asking children to approach their parents, teachers, or someone they trust when they are at a crossroads. Through these PSAs, children are told that asking for guidance, encouragement, and support is a sign of strength. They don't have to go through a transition alone?help is just around the corner.

Recruiters for MSN or Data Miners?

Is Kenexa recruiting for Microsoft or just mining for data?

Planning To Work Abroad

Working abroad can be an exciting, rewarding and horizon broadening experience; and if you take the time to plan ahead carefully before you go, you will make your transition into the overseas work place a smooth and successful one.

How To Find Writing Work

Are you looking for new writing work? It can be a challenge to build a career in any area, but it is often even harder to do so when you are in a smaller town. Sure, there may be a huge market for talented freelancers in your area, but let?s face it, it is not New York where you can find countless job vacancies in your field of freelance writing. When you are looking for freelance writing work, it is important to look outside the box as well as trying the tried and true employment options.

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